I make natural cosmetics from organic raw materials from the Mediterranean, adding value to local products.

Among my personal motivations I want to help you find the calm, serenity and harmony you are looking for; to show you how to make your own products in a simple way – soaps, creams, balsams – and to enjoy the experience of making them yourself. Try the products, I´m sure you will love them.

Natural products. A good choice


Formulas in which the principles of each plant are enhanced by the crafting process.


Personalised treatments: what you need, when you need it. We adapt to your needs.

With awareness

We care about the environment, we care about a more sustainable future. We help to develop projects that assist people to live in rural areas.

Toxic free

No toxic, no petroleum derivatives, your skin will look much healthier.


The products are made with local raw materials (Alto Turia, Valencia, Mediterranean area)

History of the project

“From the outside I can see how you are inside” … this is my motto.

After many years of training and with the dream of helping other people to recover their emotional balance, I work as a therapist and specialize in natural cosmetics. I started using essential oils, floral extracts and other products derived from plants that help me to feel better, outside and inside. From the first day that I started to develop the products I knew that I had to teach it to everyone who wanted to learn.

I live in the countryside, close to nature. I learn from plants every day, and I understand that those I have around me are the ones that can benefit me and my family the most.

I started to make creams using traditional methods and sought local suppliers of organic products: olive oil, almonds, essential oils, etc. mostly from the Serrania, Alto Turia, Valencia. Little by little, with a lot of passion and putting all my heart in it, I have been able to develop this line of ecological cosmetics.

I like to say that it is a Living Cosmetic, respectful of the environment, honestly produced, where the active principles of plants are not hidden. Open a jar and experience the scent of the rose, the geranium …the essence of the Mediterranean.

Consuelo Zacarés

I grew up between the beach (Valencia) and the mountains (Altura, my mum´s town). After many years away, living in Madrid and London, I decided to return and settle in Chelva, a small town in the interior of the province of Valencia, Chelva.

Everything here brings calm and tranquility; It is a place where I am able to develop my work peacefully while I walk along the Ruta del Agua, photograph landscapes, streets and the people who live here.

It is a magical place, full of history and natural beauty.

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