Rosemary Cineol QT Bio 10 ml


Small bush of common tough leaves in the low mountain of the Mediterranean region of North Africa. Its leaves are linear, coriaceous, resistant, with parallel edges rolled underneath. Its flowers are blue, sometimes white.



Rosmarinus officinalis QT CINEOL (QT2)

Additional information

General precautions:

• In its pure state can cause skin irritation

• Keep out of reach of young children.

• Do not exceed the recommended dose.

• Caution during pregnancy, breastfeeding or in children under 3 years of age.

• Keep away from all sources of heat and light.

Tips and tricks:

10 drops AEQT Romero cineol chemotype + 30 ml of Apricot AV AV in a bottle with glass pipette and rubber nipple.

Very effective nasal drops are obtained to unclog, soften and care for the stuffy nose.