Nourishing Facial Serum


Nourishing facial serum in a violet glass roll-on container. Sesame and olive base oil which nourishing the skin and protects it from the environment. Great antioxidant power and a soft aroma.

Apply with the roll-on in the area to be treated and then massage it in with your fingers.

Apply once a day and also at night in the case of dry and dehydrated skin.

The violet glass container prevents oxidation of the oils, the roll-on applicator helps you apply it right where you need it!

Geranium has many therapeutic properties for calming and balancing yourself.

  • Peerfume free.
  • Not tested on animals.
  • Suitable for vegans.


With Sesame, Olive, Grape seed, Chia, Evening Primrose and Jojoba organic oils. 30 ml violet glass roll-on, a type of glass that does not let in light, preventing the oxidation of oils. The roll-on makes its application more efficient, distributing it by the areas to be treated and then giving a massage all over the face. It can also be used in the area around the eyes as long as it does not come close to the eyelids.

The packaging can be recycled through a container return policy.

This combination of organic oils restores the moisture of the skin and promotes cell regeneration thanks to the action of the Malvarrosa geranium that prevents the appearance of wrinkles and has a very important regenerative power. Used on a regular basis (once or twice a day) reduces expression lines. Suitable for sensitive skin. For all skin types. It combines sebum-regulating oils that helps oily skin restore its balance. It is a serum that works well for very dry skin, dehydrated and mature skin. For mature skin use twice a day, before the morning cream and night but .Young skin also benefits from its use once a day.

The base oils, combined with essential oils, reinforce the skin and prevent the appearance of skin spots; it will reduce those already present. The oils provide a sunscreen (maximum 20 FP) and if used regularly it is unnecessary to use chemical sunscreens except in the case of direct exposure to the sun. It is useful when working outdoors or walking.